Student Chapter Clubs

Do you want to make a difference?
Do you believe literacy is a basic human right?
Do you want to be a leader in your community?

What is Student Chapter?
World Literacy Canada’s Student Chapter is a student-initiated club driven by people who are passionate about eliminating poverty, fighting for social justice, and universal education.  Your Chapter will promote WLC’s mandate, fundraise to support WLC programs, and advocate for change within your community.
Why would you get involved?
By becoming a WLC ambassador, you will:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Obtain a reference
  • Build relationships with like-minded people
  • Complete your volunteer hours
  • Learn about non-profit organizations
  • Make a difference! Change starts with one, and you have the power to join the fight against poverty.
How can you get involved?

Getting involved is easy! Send us an email to, telling us why you want to start up a club, what you think makes you a good leader, and what grade/year you’re in.  We will set you up with WLC materials and help you with ideas for activities, events and fundraisers to get you started.


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