Community Libraries

WLC opened Varanasi’s very first public library for underprivileged people. In the past, WLC operated many community libraries, including library main branches, and a mobile van library that travels to remote communities. Our libraries re well-stocked with good reading materials in Hindi and English, and also offer services in computer training, music classes, storytelling, film screenings, and serve as a venue for our advocacy efforts in mobilizing the community.

Teenage boys and girls actively volunteered at the library and participated alongside women and children in our various outreach programs and events, such as the former annual Children’s Day and International Literacy Day public events.

The quality of our library program was assured because:

  • Each community library was ran by locally trained community people, serving as librarians;
  • Our services were assured by regular monitoring of outlying community libraries by our qualified librarian;
  • An inventory of thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, and other library resources were maintained in Hindi and English;
  • Classes in art and music, computer, reading circles, and children’s games complement regular library activities.

community libraries