Curriculum Development


Hindi Praveshika – Literacy Primer is an innovative literacy primer published by World Literacy Canada. Hindi Praveshika is the curriculum that trained literacy teachers used to deliver literacy classes for illiterate women, and pre-school classes for children in their community.

With 300 hours of instruction by qualified teachers, spread over 6 to 8 months, Hindi Praveshika:

  •   Teaches the adult learner to read and write basic Hindi, equivalent to Grade 4 level
  •   Teaches the adult learner simple 3 digit math, and measurements
  •   Teaches the adult learner to count and maintain bank and post office saving pass books
  •   Teaches the adult learner to complete application forms
  •   Empowers the adult learner to be confident in making decisions
  •   Empowers the adult learner by sharing stories with other women
  •   Empowers the adult learner to participate in family and community matters

For pre-school age children, Hindi Praveshika contains lessons, activities, and stories that give children a head start and prepares them for formal education.  

World Literacy Canada has also published Hindi Praveshika Teacher’s Manual that was used to motivate and train young women graduates, as literacy teachers, to deliver literacy classes.

The Hindi Praveshika class was designed to enrich women’s lives, and give them greater independence to live life with dignity.