World Literacy Canada Earns an A+ Report Card!

In 2006, an independent third party audited World Literacy Canada’s programs. The results are worth writing home about! World Literacy of Canada’s supporters, donors, and even Canadian taxpayers at large will be proud to know that their contributions are having a tangible and meaningful effect in the lives of many poor, marginalized people overseas.

Here are some highlights taken directly from the evaluation report:

  • The hallmark of WLC’s Program is that a modest financial investment has produced significant results.
  • The Program is implemented by a small, vibrant, and effective organization that makes modest development investment in a well-designed, integrated, community development program focused on women’s empowerment.
  • There is ample evidence to show that literacy skills have served to empower women, to improve their quality of life, to lay a strong foundation for the potential of their future long-term development.
  •  Most of the expected outcomes of the Program have been achieved – women’s literacy, gender equality, children’s education, health awareness, access to loans, training, and strengthening of local partners.
  • Considering the breadth, depth, and the significance of development results achieved, the number of people who have benefited, and a modest level of investment that has been made, WLC’s Program is highly cost-effective. It can be firmly concluded that ‘a little has gone a long way.’
  •  The Program meets the needs of the very poor communities it serves and contributes to poverty reduction.
  • The Program operates under sound financial management policies and procedures including budgeting and reporting systems and practices both in Canada and in India.
  • Given the significant, useful and relevant results that are being achieved, this well-designed program with additional financial resources has a great potential to grow and expand to benefit more communities!