The Story

The story

A poem by Michael Ondaatje, with original drawings by David Bolduc

A World Literacy Canada limited edition special collector’s book. All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to WLC to help us continue our literacy work with women and children in India.

The Story is like a miniature of Michael Onjaatje’s larger themes of love, memory, family, and exile. The poem brings readers into “our dismantled childhoods,” and offers us the freedom to extend its narrative into our own lives.  This timeless book contains Ondaatje’s poem both in typeset and in the author’s own handwriting.  Each left page carries Bolduc’s art.


Excerpt from The Story:

“For his first forty days a child

is given dreams of previous lives.

Journeys, winding paths,

a hundred small lessons

and then the past is erased.”


The poem was published on 4 December 2004 by House of Anansi Press, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of World Literacy Canada.


About the Author and Illustrator:

Michael Ondaatje is an internationally acclaimed poet and novelist.

David Bolduc is a well-known Canadian painter who has been instrumental in defining contemporary painting.


Only 125 copies of The Story were printed and a very limited number of copies are still available for sale.  Each of the remaining copies is signed and contain a giclée print and an original relief print, for sale at a price of $500.

To order, call WLC at 416-977-0008 or order online by clicking ORDER below.

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