About World Literacy Canada

World Literacy Canada is a non-profit Canadian voluntary organization that promotes international development and social justice. WLC supports community-based programs that emphasize adult literacy and non-formal education for both children and adults.

With over 60 years of experience serving women and children in an effort to reduce poverty through literacy, World Literacy Canada is committed to speaking up on poverty, gender equality, and the importance of building a global citizenship movement.

  • We believe literacy is the best tool to alleviate poverty.
  • We believe an investment in women is the wisest means of promoting social justice.
  • We believe community-level programming is the smartest way to maximize impact with limited resources.
  • We believe in lean administration for delivering effective programming.
  • We believe that global citizenship is a way of thinking and a way of behaving. It is an outlook on life. It is a belief that we can, as individuals and as a community, make a difference. It’s about understanding inequality and wanting to do your part in making Canada and the entire world more just.

WLC’s direct programming is delivered in Canada and India.

World Literacy Canada’s Guiding Principles

World Literacy Canada believes

  • in cultivating a positive working and learning environment for its staff, volunteers and partners, based on principles of democracy, mutual respect and equal partnership.
  •  in integrity and honesty in all of its work and expects the same high standards from its staff, volunteers and partners.
  • in the full involvement of women in the development process and works to achieve this goal at all levels of its operation.
  •  that community development efforts should be based on building relationships between partners and communities in Canada and in the developing world, and reflects this principle in its ongoing programs.