The Kama Reading Series

The Kama Reading Series is World Literacy Canada’s annual trademark event, promoting the joy attained through reading, literature, and critical thought.

From January – May, over the course of 5 enthralling literary evenings, the Kama Reading Series provides the ideal opportunity to enjoy fine writing read by the authors themselves, light refreshments and the good company of friends, and thoughtful reflection and conversation.

At the same time as offering exposure to the finest of Canadian and international literature and thought, the Kama series provides World Literacy Canada with opportunities to raise awareness about the challenges of global development and world issues, the key importance of literacy and the empowerment of women in the global movement against poverty and towards peace and social justice for all people.

Why Kama?

“Kama” is the Sanskrit word for pleasure, and our annual Kama Benefit Reading Series celebrates the pleasure of reading, writing and living with books. Kama’s lineup includes both up-and-coming and well-loved authors writing in diverse fiction and non-fiction genres. Since 1991, over 200 internationally renowned writers and thinkers have donated their time and energy to turning the page on poverty and raising awareness about WLC work in Canada and India.