Why Canada?

why canada

World Literacy Canada believes it is important to promote literacy and foster a culture of global citizenship among Canadians because in an increasingly interconnected world, many problems, like poverty and the inability for millions of people to read, are global issues. Responding to these problems thus requires global action.

We believe that global citizens are ready for the world of opportunities and capable of being inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers, while being open minded, reflective and caring – the characteristics of change the world needs to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

More than ever, we live in an interconnected and interdependent world.  Literacy as empowerment, can teach us to be aware of the wider world, to respect and value diversity, understand how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally, and engage us to contribute to the local and global community.

As a nation, Canada has upheld a reputation for respecting global citizenship.  This hard earned reputation needs to be maintained and nurtured.  In addition to our own programming in Canada, WLC joins forces with the Canadian Council for International Cooperation in advocating for a common social justice agenda.  We understand that what happens there is closely linked to what happens here at home.