Gifts from the Heart

Make a meaningful gift while helping to transform lives.


Donate $20 Towards the Teacher’s Fund

World Literacy Canada’s Teacher’s Fund will train and mentor young women as teachers, who will in turn provide thousands of women and children in their communities with literacy and numeracy skills.

Teachers Fund


Donate $50 to Supply a Classroom

In World Literacy’s informal classrooms, women and children’s lives are transformed as they learn to read and write. But many teachers lack basic classroom tools needed to enrich their students’ learning. Your gift will supply an entire classroom with tools like books, chalkboards, art materials, notebooks, pencils and more!

supply a classroom


Donate $50 to Train an Athlete

Each year, World Literacy Canada marks International Women’s Day in India by organizing a women’s Kabaddi tournament. Kabaddi is a popular rugby-like Indian sport, that is traditionally played only by men. Your donation will help train a woman, while encouraging communities to come together and recognize women as independent athletes.

train an athlete


Donate $150 to Stock a Community Library

Each visit to a community library provides people of all ages with treasured access to books and educational toys. But without a refreshed supply of materials, it isn’t long before these eager learners have read every book on the shelf. Your gift will help keep our libraries stocked with up-to-date books and learning tools.

stock a community library


Donate $300 to Provide a Child Scholarship

For just $300 per year, you can help us offer a child an education and the hope of a better future. We will assign your donation to a specific child, and send you annual photographs and updates on their progress. The low cost covers tuition, uniforms, books, transportation, and after-school tutoring for an entire year. Less than $1 per day will support a full scholarship.



Donate $1,000 to Open a Community Library

Provide a poor community with its own library. World Literacy Canada’s gumti libraries (road-side stalls) provide hundreds of families in slums and remote villages with precious access to books, games, and educational toys. Your gift will provide the funds necessary to build, furnish, and stock one of these vital community resources.

open a library

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