Teacher Training


Adult Literacy Classes and Early Years Centres (Balwadi Centres) are at the core of WLC’s holistic program. In the communities where these literacy programs are run, WLC trains underemployed women with high school diplomas to work as teachers at our Adult Literacy Centres and Early Years Centres.

The teachers are trained to use the Hindi Praveshika Literacy Primer, Hindi-language teaching materials developed and published by WLC, to shape the content of their adult literacy classes and children’s activities. Each teacher delivers classes within their own community.

Adult Literacy Classes and Balwadis happen daily. Each literacy class enrolls approximately 20-25 women learners. Each Balwadi enrolls between 25-30 children within a teacher’s community.

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Contribute to our Teacher’s Fund

Your donation will help us train and employ literacy teachers to deliver literacy classes for women and early childhood education.

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