Ally Stories

Stepping in to help someone who is being bullied, excluded or targeted by oppression isn’t easy for anyone – children or adults.

World Literacy Canada and Community Builders Youth Leadership’s Ally Stories project addressed issues such as bullying, racism, prejudice and sexism while training youth to become allies to each other.

The Ally Stories project took elementary students through three years of leadership development in the areas of inclusion, non-violent conflict resolution, and peer support listening. The young leaders began the program when they were in grade 4 or 5. Each year they attended a very full experiential four-day leadership institute with students from 4 to 5 other schools in their area. Teams of 8-10 students attended with lead teachers from their school. When they return to school, they took on leadership in a variety of ways. Their first project was to present student-led workshops to the students at their school. When the workshops finished, they worked together with the lead teachers from their school to design and implement other projects.

The Results:

  • Student leaders have successful leadership experiences as active citizens in their school communities;
  • Stakeholders (other students, parents, teachers) are pulled in to the process of making positive changes in their school environments;
  • Anti-bullying and inclusion needs in schools are addressed by the students;
  • Initiatives to end bullying, racism and other oppressions are implemented by the students;
  • Students acquire lifelong skills in the areas of leadership, inclusion and equity.

Ally Stories publication’s are available through Community Builders Youth Leadership. For more information or to order a book, contact Community Builders at



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